Strength Sports Gym lifters set to compete at the Matti Tikka Powerlifting Challenge

Months of hard training and preparation are about to come to fruition in a week’s time for 11 lifters from Strength Sports Gym in Brisbane.

Our team for the Matti Tikka consists of 9 males and 2 females, with the majority competing in powerlifting for the very first time.

Of our 11 lifters we have 2 competing in the raw Bench Press Only and 9 competing in the raw 3 lift format, this means each lifter will Squat, Bench & Deadlift to gain a competition total, this is formed from the lifter’s best valid attempt on each lift.

Stay tuned for a detailed write up of how our team goes at the competition!

The competition will take place at Fitness First Platinum, located at 300 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. Lifting starts at 10am, hope to see you there!


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