Strength Sports Gym Opening Hours
Day                                       Time

Monday – Friday                           9am – 8pm
Saturday                                       9am – 1pm
Sunday                                             Closed
XMAS / New Year Hours
Monday 25th December – Closed
Tuesday 26th December – Closed
Wednesday 27th December – 930am – 1230pm
Thursday 28th December – 930am – 1230pm
Friday 29th December – 930am – 1230pm
Saturday 30th December – 930am – 1230pm
Sunday 31st December – Closed
Monday 1st January – Closed
Tuesday 2nd January  – 930am – 1230pm
Wednesday 3rd January – 930am – 1230pm
Thursday 4th January – 930am – 1230pm
Friday 5th January – 930am – 1230pm
Saturday 6th January – 930am – 1230pm

Please note that (24 hour) gym access is also available. Contact Us for more information.

Casual Visit

Single Visit with full access to equipment and facilities $15

Gym Memberships

SSG has built it’s reputation as one of the best strength and powerlifting gyms in Brisbane and Australia, evident in the progress, results and records our members achieve in both training and competition.

Membership at SSG includes programming through access to our proven strength & powerlifting templates.
Take the guess work out of your training and let us give you the plan and direction you need to take your training to the next level.

For more information on membership pricing and options, please Contact Us





























Our range of specialised equipment includes weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman equipment, which includes:

Eleiko Powerlifting Squat & Bench Rack
E/R Powerlifting Squat & Bench Rack

3 x Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Bars
Ivanko IPF Powerlifting Bar
Texas Power Bar’s
Troy Power Bar
Werksan Men’s Olympic Training Bar
Elite FTS Safety Squat Bar
Elite FTS Cambered Bar
Elite FTS Neutral Grip Swiss Bar
Iron Edge Trap Bar


410kg Ivanko Calibrated Powerlifting Competition Plates
1200+KG of Bumper Plates (Werksan, Iron Edge, Force)
1200+KG of Commercial Rubber Olympic Plates
Olympic Lifting Technique Plates
Full Dumbell Range (2.5kg – 70kg)





Farmers Walk Handles
Spud Inc Pulling Harness
Sled & Vehicle Pulling Ropes
Prowler Sled
Weighted Vest

Hammer Strength Leg Extension
Hammer Strength Leg Curl
CalGym Hamstring Curl
Glute Ham Raise (GHR)
T-Bar Row
Seated Row Machine
45 Degree Hyperextension
CalGym Lat Pulldown
Hammer Strength Leg Press