Nauru Powerlifting IPF Worlds Team Train @ Strength Sports Gym

On the 7th & 8th of June, Strength Sports Gym hosted the Nauruan Powerlifting team for their final training sessions ahead of the 2013 IPF Raw/Classic World Championships in Suzdal, Russia.

The 3 lifters representing Nauru are Bronco Deiranauw (74kg Junior), Jim-Kalinsky Brechtefeld (120kg), Jezza Uepa (120kg+).

Their first session features Bronco working up to a couple of strong 230kg squats, Jim goes up to 300kg and Jezza works up to 350kg!!

The second session features Bronco front squatting 200kg & deadlifting 250kg!
Jezza works up to a 300kg front squat, and then benches big with Jim!

Everyone at Strength Sports Gym wishes the boys all the best for worlds in Russia!

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